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The Secret Story of Nameloss: DJ and Producer Revealed

Young composer and music producer and Deejey born in 2002 in Madrid, Spain. He began his journey as a composer and music producer in 2017, using his piano and computer to create new compositions and arrangements. His grandfather, who gave him his first piano as a gift, served as an important source of inspiration, igniting his passion for music and driving his ongoing compositional efforts. A versatile talent, he is able to compose for a variety of media, such as film soundtracks and television shows. Nameloss has demonstrated his musical prowess and deep connection to music through his captivating creations.

In addition, Nameloss is an expert DJ who has entertained and provided music for large events, enlivening and captivating thousands of people. He is willing to perform all over the world, demonstrating his ability to attract and entertain people from diverse backgrounds. Nameloss’ musical productions have highlighted his talent for collaborating with multiple artists and working on his own projects. His experience extends to creating musical arrangements, recording vocals over instrumental tracks, overseeing pre-production and post-production processes, and capturing musical shows and performances in various digital formats.



In addition to his work in the music industry, Nameloss also possesses skills as a Sound and Image Editor and works as a Music Producer. In his role as an editor, he has collaborated with radio stations, where he created branded musical elements such as jingles, backgrounds and station tunes. He has also performed audio editing and sound design tasks, including arranging radio spots and composing music for commercials.

As a DJ, Nameloss has freelanced at small and large events, such as parties, and Madrid Pride celebrations (MADO 2022 and 2023). His ability to engage audiences and create an immersive musical experience has made him a sought-after talent.

In addition, Nameloss has experience as an audio and video technician in event companies. In this capacity, he recorded and captured music shows and performances in various digital formats, while also handling audio editing and sound design. His proficiency in real-time arranging with digital tools demonstrated his mastery of audio and video production.

Nameloss possesses a wide range of skills, including composition, music production, audio and video editing, and equipment setup for live events. His creativity, problem-solving skills, responsibility, organizational skills and flexibility contribute to his success in the industry.

Press Releases

«Always You» lo nuevo de «DJ Nameloss» que redefine el sonido electrónico

Una Colaboración Cautivadora con Aleesia

«Back To You» es una canción que refleja la evolución artística y la creatividad excepcional de Nameloss. En esta ocasión, se ha unido a la talentosa cantante Aleesia para crear un himno emocionante que seguramente resonará en los corazones de los oyentes.

Sobre la Canción: «Back To You»

«Back To You» es una composición que va más allá de lo convencional, con una fusión de elementos musicales que sorprenderán y cautivarán a los amantes de la música. La combinación de la voz única y poderosa de Aleesia, junto con la impresionante producción musical de Nameloss, crea una experiencia auditiva que invita a la reflexión y la emoción.

Chance To Shine

«Chance to Shine» lo nuevo de «Nameloss» junto a Alba Fernandez


I like to get to know myself through my music, expressing my mood and feelings, with what I try to achieve great melodies. Experience the new electronic music. See for yourself by listening to my works here. I hope you like them.

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